Hiding files like images..

Hello to all of you guys ..i m back with a new trick to you all
this time i ll tell you a trick to make your files look like images ,even open like images but will actually be your secret files (most of the time R rated media)
anyways heres the trick
 You require WinRAR installed on your PC for this trick.
1. First add your 
files to .rar and i.e. say files.rar
2. Say you have a 
image as img.jpg3. Now, save files.rar and img.jpg in c:\ drive.
4. Click 
start >> Run5. Type cmd6. Now in command prompt type cd..7. Again type cd..8. Type copy /b img.jpg + files.rar new.jpg

Note- Don't type files.rar + img.jpg instead of img.jpg + files.rar.
Now when you double click  it ..img.jpg will open ..so to open your secret file you need to-
1.Right click
2.click 'open with'
3.and then extract it with winrar
thats it
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Using hard disk as RAM memory

Hello to all of my readers ...

Today i m going to show you about using your 'hard disk' as 'RAM' memory ....thats right ,now no need to upgrade to a bigger RAM.... use your hard disk instead.....
Following are the steps for it.....
1. Go to my computer ...right click and click 'properties'
2. Go to advanced tab 

3.In 'Advanced' tab under 'performence' go to 'settings'.

4.Now in the popup opened , go to 'Advanced' tab.

5.Now in 'advanced' tab under 'virtual memory' click 'change'.

6.Increase the 'initial size(MB)' and 'maximum size (MB)' respectivaly..

thats it you are done...... I have increased it to 1 gb ,you can increase it as per as your requirements.......
Thanks for reading and please comment on this post if you found it usefull.......

How to Change " Google Chrome " Theme

Recently Google introduced its new internet browser "google Chrome"...after the huge success of its "mozzila firefox"...i m stll confused about what google is going to do with its mozzila..any ways as you all were expecting ...i m gonna show you something new this time too...i m gonna show you how to install themes to google Chrome.Recently a website called "chromespot.com" introduced its tool which can be used to change its boring blue theme...

Following are some steps accociated to it .
1 Download the tool from here
2 After downloading install the tool
3 After installing ,open the software
4 A window will appear same like this one..

Now click the theme you like and click set theme to apply it ..i liked black theme and it matches my window.....
thank you 
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